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Pondělí, 16 září 2019

In the spring of the following year, we're going to commemorate 75 years of the defeat of the Nazi beast. Nazism, politics of German large capital, which was also supported by concessions of Western imperialists (the most sensible for us being so-called Munich betrayal, due to which Nazi Germany was given border regions of Czechoslovakia) was expected to suffocate the rising wave of revolutionary tendencies in Europe and strangled the USSR. Thanks to this desperate step of the Imperialists 360 000 citizens of Czechoslovakia were martyred. 

All above thanks to the heroic struggle of the Soviet people, who were relying on the economical basis built during Stalin's five-year plans, was the Nazi machine, which had been terrorizing nations of Europe, crushed. Most of Czechoslovakia's soil was liberated by the Red Army. Only a small territory around the west Bohemian city of Pilsen was liberated by the US Army. The city itself, when the US Army came, was already liberated by Pilsen's insurgents. This is a historical fact. Numbers of fallen foreign soldiers - 116 Americans, 33 000 Romanians, and almost 140 000 Red Army soldiers clearly show who fought the the hardest battles during the liberation of our country.  

Nowadays, almost 75 years since the end of the war, we're experiencing historical revisionism. The celebrations of the liberation of Pilsen are considered being of the highest priority. The government donates a couple of millions of euros to found these celebrations from the state budget. And while the US Army is being commemorated, the real liberators of Pilsen - the rebel citizens - are being forgotten and their heroism is only remembered in a small memorial, which was built by the city council, but as a project of leftist activists.

However, this distasteful behavior of the current regime completely pales in comparison with their attitude towards the heroism of the Red Army. The top of the iceberg of their attempts to stop with the commemoration of our liberators is their 'fight' centered around the memorial of the Soviet Union marshal Ivan Stepanovich Konev, which is located in a city part Prague 6 of our country's capital. The mayor of this city part, Ondřej Kolář (member of a right-wing party called TOP09, in which one of the greatest influences is also nobleman Schwarzenberg, whose house was inclined towards back then Nazi occupants), has decided to settle accounts with Konev. The first step was placing derogatory panels to Konev's memorial, which were supposed to "make historical facts right". Needless to say, these panels overshadow marshal's role during the liberation of Prague.

But even this step was still not enough for Mr. mayor and people in his surroundings, so they started negotiations of the movement of the memorial itself (they even offered to Russian embassy to move the memorial on the garden belonging to the building of the embassy - truly the peak of political stupidity). Sadly the memorial often becomes a victim of vandalism, which is getting worse and worse thanks to the policies of the mayor-revanchist. Especially the last act of vandalism has got a lot of public attention. The mayor announced that the city will stop being concerned with the consequences of the acts of vandalism and now, the memorial must be finally moved. It's almost startling how much the mayor's policies are similar to what's happening in Ukraine, where the removal of the liberators' statues there was the herald of the return of fascists to power.

In turn of events, dissatisfied citizens cleaned up the memorial and returned it to its original state. How did the council of this city part react to this news? They had scaffolding built around the memorial and covered it with canvas.

That was the last straw. Few days after a couple of hundreds of dissatisfied citizens gathered in front of the memorial. Speakers expressed a fundamental disagreement with the behavior of the city's council and were praising not only the Marshal himself, but also the soldiers he had commanded. Under red banners with communist's symbols and the USSR flag, people were chanting "NO TO FASCISM". It was a very important moment. People of various political beliefs, from different political organizations, came to one place with the same goal - to say no to revanchism. And we all know it's not just some bronze statue that is in stake.


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