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Announcement of 13 Communist Youth Organisations on the Centenary of the October Revolution
Pondělí, 06 březen 2017

As Communist Youth Organisations making part of the Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations (MECYO), we reaffirm the slogan of the 13th MECYO held in Istanbul on 24th, 25th and 26th of February 2017: "100 years after the Great October Socialist Revolution we hold high the flag of October! We strengthen the youth struggle in Europe for the new society without imperialist wars, crises, refugees, unemployment, poverty and capitalist exploitation. Socialism is our future!" We express our full solidarity with the struggles of TKP - TKG and with the working class and youth of Turkey.

Developments prove once more the reactionary and historically outdated character of the capitalist system. It is proven once more that the youth has no other option than to join the organised struggle for achieving a classless society without exploitation and oppression.

The young generations encounter serious problems. Miserable wages are to be enforced while the right to strike is being criminalised. Education and health are being privatised and from a right become a privilege as the access to sports, culture, and the right to housing is not at all a reality. Today capitalism offers humanity nothing but crisis, war, fascism, and refugee crisis. Under these circumstances, although the youth has not experienced the great struggles of the twentieth century, we are keen to share the communist responsibility to carry the mission of leading the struggles of the youth and the working class of the world, which has become even more important. We devote our common effort to the youth struggles for the fulfillment of the contemporary needs among young workers in working places, students in universities and high schools, and unemployed youth. In every step that we take, our communist ideals give us motivation and endurance. Communists have a leading role in preparing the organised struggle of the youth ideologically and politically under difficult conditions engendered by the capitalist crisis of the last years and to show that socialism is the only real alternative for the peoples and the youth.

As contradictions in economy and politics intensify following the developments in the USA and EU, it becomes increasingly obvious that the claim about the end of the effects of the 2008 crisis is a big lie. While unemployment is rising, the remedy proposed is nothing but anti-popular austerity measures, a more flexible labour market and annihilation of the acquired rights of the working class. The millions of refugees and immigrants, who are expected to be a new breath for capitalism with their cheap labour force, are also used as a pretext for the high unemployment creating a fertile political ground for fascists. Imperialist wars, NATO and EU interventions, and poverty continue in a violent manner, as if they are not actually the real causes of the refugee crisis.

The crisis of capitalism intensifies antagonism for dominance in the global market between the imperialist centres and the new global and regional powers. While EU and US economies have smaller rates of growth, countries such as China, Russia, and India have experienced a period of increasing development of the capitalist relations of production. It triggers financial, political, and military aggression and questions the hegemony of the US, NATO, EU.

The US imperialism, becoming more aggressive as its hegemony greatly weakens, is provoking wars as seen in the cases of Ukraine and Syria. Despite bloody plans and enormous military budgets concerning the regions stated, people do not surrender at all but stand still against imperialist trials. There is no doubt that it is imperialism which is the main responsible for the massacre of thousands of young people.

Contradictions within the capitalist system deepen, increasing the possibilities for a generalized imperialist war. Yet, the essence of this possible war would not refer to people's interest but rather represent a conflict for the partition of the region among big powers. Youth should not choose sides in conflicts within the capitalist system. The responsible for the crisis is the capitalist barbarity itself with all its actors. The position of the youth should be by the side of the working class struggling together with the peace and anti-imperialist movement against the imperialist wars.

In Turkey, where the 13th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations took place 100 years after the October Revolution, young people are giving their life in the invasion in Syria for the sake of the bourgeoisie in Turkey and of the dark plans of the imperialists. Europe will never be able to exclude the threat of war and the consequences of imperialist aggression as long as the capitalist system is not taken down.

We follow the route of the Bolsheviks. 100 years after the October Revolution, the only true alternative is still socialism.

Communists have to unmask the anti-popular intentions of the social-democratic and opportunist forces, which enjoy a temporary position today within the ranks of the people. Any reformist position that abandons the struggle for socialism, should never be justified. Communists exalt the objective for socialist power in revolutionary as well as non-revolutionary states in the context of the particular conditions and struggle priorities.

Socialism is a historical necessity so that the contradictions of capitalism can be overcome, which particularly during the period of imperialism oppress and victimize millions of people, even threatening our planet's very existence. 100 years ago, the Bolshevik Party broke the ice and proclaimed that the age of socialist revolutions had started. The Great October Socialist Revolution still inspires struggles for equality, freedom, and lasting peace all over the world and still causes fear in the hearts of the exploiting classes.

Founded after the October Revolution, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics has enlightened the history of the mankind and shown that a new society is possible. The construction of the socialist society offered infinitely more to the progress of society to the peoples and especially humanity as a whole. Electrification, industrialisation, and collectivisation movements, free and qualitative public health, reasonable working conditions, leap in education, and many other advanced steps had been carried out in a very short period of time by the first "workers' state". At the same time, they took great steps in the fight against all kinds of religious fundamentalism and racism and for the equality of the women.

Under the great influence of the achievements of socialism, people had obtained many rights even in the capitalist states of a world where the USSR existed, that now capitalists try to take back.

Today, at a time when the crisis is deepening, bourgeoisie and its parties are hurrying to proclaim anti-communist laws in their parliaments, which leads as well to the restriction of the rights of all the people. Under these conditions, capitalists are afraid of massive organized common struggle of the working class movement and peoples' struggles with communist parties, which are their only true vanguards.

It is not a coincidence that it is principally the opportunist organisations who attack the Soviet experience by precisely targeting on their real content, promoting at the same time anti-communism and the bourgeois propaganda. Their role in the bourgeois democratic system is the disorientation of the working class from its organised vanguard and from the struggle for its interests. Claiming that the EU can be reformed, the position of the European Left Party serves precisely in this direction, as a support for an imperialist union, the EU, created to openly pursue the interests of the European monopoly capital. The burden of the crisis is being put on shoulders of the working people and popular strata through the Memorandums imposed by the EU together with the IMF, ECB and governments.

The 25th of March will mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, which brought nothing but anti-popular implementations and which strengthened the imperialist integration conducted by the European monopolies for the sake of accumulation and concentration of the capital.

They are totally right to be terrified of the heritage of the USSR which shows the only way to unite peoples worldwide. Communist youth is waging the struggle all over Europe. It is the international solidarity and the internationalist feeling in essence felt among communists all around Europe which represent the historical rights of the proletariat throughout the continent against imperialism as a system. In coherence with our struggle for a world freed from war and exploitation, we strengthen the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY), which must remain at the forefront of the anti-imperialist struggle of the youth.

We call the young people, who are today's and tomorrow's workers, to unite against the capitalist system and to raise the flag of the October Revolution in its 100th year! No other way can ever be a remedy for the youth. No other way will be able to politically survive through the harsh tensions of our today. The only true alternative of our future is socialism!

Socialist Youth - Croatia
KSM - Czech Republic
SDAJ - Germany
KNE - Greece
FGC - Italy
CJB - Netherlands
Youth of the KPP - Poland
RKSM(B) - Russia
SKOJ - Serbia
CJC - Spain
UJCE - Spain
SKU - Sweden
TKG - Turkey

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