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The administrative protest of KSM rejected! Tisk E-mail
Pondělí, 28 duben 2008

Dear Comrades and Friend!
On Thursday, April 24th, 2008 the Communist Youth Union (KSM) received judgement at law of the Municipal Court of Prague, which rejected the administrative protest delivered by the KSM against the decision of the Ministry of Interior of Czech Republic on the dissolution of the Communist Youth Union (KSM). The ban of the KSM by Ministry of Interior was declared as lawfull.

The official reason of the banning of the KSM was declared a programmatic goal of the KSM is to replace private ownership of means of production with a collective ownership of means of production. Also the reason for the dissolution of KSM was the convincement of the young people about the necessity to struggle for another society not based on the capitalist principles. The attack against the KSM is also the unacceptable kind of the political and ideological manipulation that targets the communists. There are constantly repeated initiatives to criminalize the communist ideology and every public activity that calls for the realisation of the interests of the exploited and oppressed people.
This step of the Ministry of Interior caused a fundamental disagreement of the majority of the Czech people. The petition supporting the KSM has been signed by thousands of the citizens of the Czech Republic so far. Against the decision of the Ministry of Interior protested, for example, also the organisations of the former fighters against fascism and guerrilla resistance movement members. The petition of the civic associations has come out from an initiative of the student activists that denounce the steps of the Ministry of Interior against KSM. The support for KSM has been expressed also by a number of the Czech political parties. Thanks to initiative of the MPs of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSČM) proceedings of the Ministry of Interior were discussed in a Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.
The initiative of the Ministry of Interior was reflected with a big consideration also abroad. Hundreds of the youth, student and trade organisations have expressed their protests. Thousands of the people addressed their indignation to the Ministry of Interior and embassies of the Czech Republic abroad, among others a number of members of national parliaments, European parliament, university professors, former fighters against fascism. A number of protest activities took place in front of the embassies of the Czech Republic in a number of countries.
This attack against KSM is a culmination of the long lasting anti-Communist campaign. This campaign has been represented e.g. with a petition called „Let´s ban the communists“, the tendency to push through the law, that should criminalize the ideas of communism, the movement and the word communist as such, and equating communism with fascism and fascist crimes. The tendencies to ban the KSČM have become more intensive, accordingly to the attacks against other progressive and democratic forces in the Czech Republic. There is in progress an endeavour to realize historic revisionism that should attacked the communists, progressive, democratic and anti-fascist tradition and experiences. The anti-communist campaigns use a state system of the public education as well as the mass media.
We have to underline that the banning of the KSM is the attack against the whole communist movement, also against the KSČM, which the state power has not dared to attack directly so far, therefore it does so indirectly through the attack against KSM. The relationships between KSČM that is one of the strongest political parties in the Czech republic and KSM was reflected also in a presence of the chairman of the KSČM Vojtech Filip at the 7th Congress of the Communist Youth Union. He expressed his wishes that the ideas of KSM spread among the young people and that „the people who were the members of the KSM, formed a new lifeblood for the KSČM“.
KSM appeals to all the democratic forces to oppose the ban of KSM by the Ministry of Interior and the anti-Communist and anti-democratic tendencies of the current state power. Herewith KSM makes sure all its members and friends that in spite of the bans and persecutions the KSM doesn’t back off its activities and its struggle for the interests of the majority of the young generation – the students, apprentices, the young workers and unemployed people – and its struggle for socialism.
The future cannot be banned!
No to the ban of the Communist Youth Union!
No to anti-communism!

Chairman of the Communist Youth Union

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