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KSM supports 5 Cuban Heroes in front of the embassy of the USA in Prague Tisk E-mail
Středa, 11 duben 2007

The Communist Youth Union (KSM) in the Czech Republic which actively participates in a world wide campaign in defence of the Five Cuban Heroes and which develops its campaign of solidarity with socialist Cuba has organized a demonstration in support of the Five Cuban Heroes jailed in US prisons that took place in front of the embassy of the USA on April 7th, 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic.

Milan Krajca, chairman of the KSM, Ludvik Sulda, vice-chairman of the KSM, Marta Semelova, a chairwoman of the Prague organization of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia as well as representatives of the Society of the Czech-Cuban Friendship and of the Committee of the Defence of the Five Cuban Heroes held speeches in this public meeting in which they denounced imprisonment of the Five Cuban Heroes, imperialist and aggressive policy of the government of the USA, its decades lasting blockade against socialist Cuba and interventions against Cuban revolution as well as the servile anti-Cuban policy of the post-1989 governments of the Czech Republic which act as a puppet of the USA inside the European Union. The speakers said that the aim of the demonstration is to destroy the wall of silence that the US government wants to build between the public and the case of the Cuban Heroes. They stressed that the US government jails the Cuban Heroes who gathered information about anti-Cuban terrorists who found shelter in the USA and simultaneously it has full mouth of struggle against terrorism but in reality it supports and promotes terrorism. The speakers also underlined the fact that the government of the Czech Republic in humble forward bend fulfils the orders of Bush and his government, be it in the case of the plan to construct a US military base in the Czech Republic or in the anti-Cuban policy and provocations.
The demonstrating people gave their clear messages to the representatives of the US government with their slogans like “Freedom for Cuban Heroes”, “Long live the socialist Cuba”, “End the blockade now!” or “Bush is a murderer”.
The representatives of the KSM also explained their support for the Five Cuban Heroes and for the socialist Cuba in interviews for the Czech and foreign media that were present in the demonstration.
The KSM´s struggle in defence of the Cuban Heroes and in support of the Cuban Revolution continues.
Radim Gonda
Vice-chairman of the KSM
Czech Republic

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