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Information about situation in the Czech republic Tisk E-mail
Úterý, 30 leden 2007

Dear Comrades,
We are sending you an English translation of the Decision of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic on official dissolution of the Communist Youth Union (KSM) in the Czech Republic. The KSM has filed an action against this violation of fundanmental democratic rights which is a part of a huge anticommunist campaign in the Czech Republic. The conflict will continue in the court. The KSM is still expecting the reply of the court and beginning of the trial.

You may find the text of the Decision of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic on official dissolution of the Communist Youth Union (KSM) also on the following link:

Comrades, we also want to inform you that the KSM in spite of the witch hunt exerted against this youth organization continues its activities! The KSM is for example an active part of a growing movement against a plan to place a U.S. military base in the Czech Republic. The KSM was the FIRST organization that started struggle against this plan and was later joined by other organizations. The KSM establishes links in the civic society. And in the last session of the Central Council of the KSM in November 2006 the KSM established its new local organizations. These are our replies to anticommunists and their attacks!
The situation in the Czech Republic is very complicated and we expect that it will deteriorate. After 7 months of political crisis without a government backed by majority in the parliament, new majority right-wing government led by the strongest right-wing party in our country - Civic Democratic Party
(ODS) has been installed few days ago. This government will bring further attacks on social and economic positions of the working and unemployed people. And it will bring further strengthening of anticommunist measures.
It is relevant to inform you that the government of the USA waited untill the mentioned right-wing governement led by the ODS gained majority in the House of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic to announce officialy its decision to ask the Czech Republic´s government for agreement with placing the U.S. military base in our country. This announcement of the USA government was published just SEVERAL MINUTES after the right-wing government received majority support in the parliament (winnig 2 of social democratic MPs).
The development in our country has a tendency to political and social polarization and the KSM will continue to play its active role in the class struggle among the people oppressed by capitalism system.
Comrades, we want to experss you again gratitude of the KSM for your solidarity.

Comradely yours,
Radim Gonda
Vice-chairman of the KSM
Czech Republic

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